Since our company was founded in 1693, France, Pelage has been the name of excellence in fine furs. French style has always demanded fashion, combined with functional good tayloring. Our pelage mink, fox, chinchilla, fitch, finnraccoon, nutria, baby seal, beaver, raccoon, muskrat, coyote, lynx, fisher, and leopard coats, are all custom hand made, special order, one of a kind. None of our taylored pelages are produced for the mass market. The pelages we use for our Pelage Fine Furs are from the finest animals all over the world, New Zealand, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, America, England, France. When you buy a Pelage Fur your purchase is an investment in warmth, style, function and fashion. Pelage Fine Furs, Worn by French Royalty, now available world wide.

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